Build & sell saas for profits

Build The Next Breakthrough Startup SaaS Company – Bring Your Idea To Life

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About The Book

Are you entrepreneurial and yearning to build the next big thing without a programming background?

Have an idea in your mind that you want the world to see?

Maybe you don’t like current solutions and want to build a solution to a “pain” you’ve faced?

That’s what this book is for – you are going to:

  • Learn about the benefits of building your own SaaS (Software As a Service) business
  • Come up with your own unique software idea
  • Use market research to find paying customers
  • Find a joint venture partner to build a business with
  • Hire your first developer to build your software
  • Work and communicate with your developer over time to maximize results
  • Properly test and QA your software prior to launch
  • Beta test your software with users and get proper feedback
  • Create helpful video content that can train your users
  • Market and launch your software for high impact results
  • Support your users and grow your software long term

If you’ve ever had a SaaS startup idea of your own that you really wanted to execute but didn’t know where to start, then this course enables you to realize how to build it from design to shipment without writing a single line of code.


You will need a Google account for using Google Drive
A willingness to learn
You will need a budget to have your software developed

What’s inside


Week 1

Determining Your Niche


Week 2

Getting Organized & Planning


Week 3

Hiring a Development Team & Your Backend


Week 4

Testing & Quality Assurance


Week 5

Creating Training Videos For Your SaaS


Week 6

Marketing Your SaaS – “The Launch”

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